AbouT ME


I am an NYC based psychiatrist who wanted to create a space to promote travel, wellness, and body positivity for wanderers of every size. As a plus-sized, curvy woman, I never wanted to let my shape hold me back from doing what I love and exploring all that life has to offer. Staying in is just not an option for me, and I am always on the go between work, adventuring, and exploring the latest in food and culture. Figuring out how to somehow stay healthy, centered, and confident in my own skin is a constant challenge. I created travel beyond size to inspire others to explore the world without limitations, offer my tips and tricks for staying well on the go, and as a space to be honest about the taboo topics of plus-size traveling.

It all started when…

Strangely enough, I started traveling more intensely in medical school. I met my best friend and travel lover @sarahgb12 who inspired me with her goal of visiting 30 countries by the time she turned 30. Her fearless spirit for adventure was inspiring. As my time off became more limited and precious I knew I had to capitalize on every minute and see as much of the world as I could. I adopted a go big or stay home mentality and planned trips all around the world usually accompanied by my equally adventurous life partner, Chris, or gang of restless med students. Learning to travel together was quite the trip itself. From Costa to Thailand to Iceland and beyond, I threw myself into the planning process and became my own little travel agency :) I thought starting residency might put the brakes on all my travel goals but it was quite the opposite. Now with some cash flow (limited albeit) and the same spirit of capitalizing on every second of time off I started planning my trips months to years in advance, taking time to research the ultimate itineraries and pack in as much adventure and relaxation as humanly possible. Medical conferences were also great excuses to see more of the world and engage with an international community of psychiatrists. My hope is that Travel Beyond Size will offer you a place to find the best in travel recommendations as well as tips to staying healthy, mindful, and happy in your own skin.