fighting the haters with my FitBit one step at a time


Can you believe I used to not wear watches or bracelets because I thought they made my wrist look too fat? My wrist? As if the rest of my body was invisible but my wrist would be fat shamed if I wore a watch that made it look too chunky. Well now I proudly wear this clunky chunky @FitBit on my perfectly proportioned wrist and use it to fight the haters who might think I’m lazy or don’t take care of my body. I strive for 10,000+ everyday but don’t beat myself up if I don’t get there. Some days I hit over 25,000 often when I’m traveling and exploring the world! Check out my Japan Itinerary to get an idea of just how much I walk while traveling.

No matter your size, we all have that part of our body that we may feel ashamed or embarrassed by, I say flip it on it’s head and flaunt it, use it to empower yourself and your purpose 👊🏽.