Am I too fat to fly?


No. Flying fat is kind of a nightmare but it is possible to have a decent trip by keeping in mind a few tips and tricks. When I hear smaller people talk about being uncomfortable on a plane I almost can't hold back my laughter and dismay, because you have NO IDEA! The experience is uncomfortable from the moment I step foot on the plane. As I walk down the aisle I feel the fearful eyes of the seated passengers on me, and can almost hear them thinking "oh please I hope she's not sitting next to me!" Believe me, I'm hoping to not have to sit next to anybody, but usually that's not the reality. When I'm traveling with someone, provided they are small, at least I am more at ease that the arm rest can be moved up and some of my thigh can spill over into their extra space. I just hope they love me enough to allow that to happen, which they do!

But there are other ways to make flying somewhat more comfortable. First off, you can do your research. Sometimes, I look up details regarding the plane and seat dimension on SeatGuru to see if there are any differences depending on where you are in the plane. It has great information about leg room, seat width, whether recline might be limited etc. You can even get a sense by comparing different airlines that seat widths in coach can differ by as much as 2 inches which could be a big deal to someone. If you have the luxury of choosing an airline not just based on cheapest flight, take this into account. I prefer an aisle seat, many times the arm rest on the aisle can be lifted by finding the button underneath, so if you are traveling alone and want to be freed from the restriction of the double arm rest, pick an aisle seat but just watch out for the carts rolling by. Sometimes an exit row seat can seem like a desirable option, but I have found that many have immobile, fixed, solid arm rests which can significantly narrow the seat width. So if your curvy hips are your largest part, keep this in mind. 

Let's talk seat-belt extenders. They should be available on every flight, but I say instead of dealing with having to request, just BYOSE. They are available online, are relatively inexpensive, and many come with a discrete velvet carrying case. Keep in mind also, some airlines will not allow people using seat belt extenders to sit in an exit row seat due to an apparent safety concern.