"Hunger" by Roxane Gay

Recently, a friend messaged me about a book she read called “Hunger” by Roxane Gay. I researched it and started reading some reviews. Many of her struggles, messages, and contradictions resonated with me. What particularly stuck out to me was how she struggled with wanting to celebrate her body, while also wanting to be smaller. As I've been trying to be more open and honest about my journey, I've been grappling with this same idea.

While I am working hard to love my body, celebrate it in photos and take it around the world, I am also constantly working on maintaining it in a healthy way and eating mindfully in the hopes of losing weight and making it smaller. Can you love yourself and want to change? Can I be "fat positive", not subscribe to the diet culture, but also exercise, eat healthy, and lose weight?

I figure that like Roxane Gay, I'm not going to please everybody and the goal should be to simply be honest with myself and my journey. I think you can love yourself and have things that you want to change.