A Glamping Getaway @ Gatherwild Ranch

I've always had the dream to stay in a safari-style tent, surrounded by beautiful scenery, and spend the day lounging and hanging with friends! I decided that I was going to make it happen for my next birthday and "force" all my friends to join in on the glamping fun. For those that don't know Glamping stands for Glamorous Camping. You still get all the fun of being outside and away from things but with a bit more glamorous accommodations and amenities. After a lot of research into different glamping options near NYC (from the affordable to the outrageous!), I decided that Gatherwild Ranch had the perfect vibe and all the things I was looking for. I rallied my gang of glampers and we set out for Germantown, NY in the Hudson Valley for a weekend of glamping, meditation, yoga, and bonding.

Gatherwild Ranch is peaceful and picturesque. The newly added teepee and van are beyond instagram worthy. It is located 3-4 minutes away from the tiny center drag of Germantown on a 15 acre ranch. There are several larger tents to choose from that sleep up to 4 people for very reasonable price about $50pp/night. All the details and more can be found on their website and AirBnB links.

The lovely couple and ranch manager were super responsive and helpful in setting up my dream weekend. They were accommodating with some last minute changes in group number as well as my requests to fire up the wood fired pizza oven for my party and helped arrange a Sunday morning yoga class.

Friday night, I planned a mexican food fiesta complete with guac, margs, tacos, and spicy s'mores. I went shopping for food in advance and was able to store it all in the small fridge provided on site and a cooler I had brought from home. The kitchen was well stocked with what we needed to prepare a feast for about 10 people. We spent the evening by the fire pit, staring up at the stars, listening to music, reconnecting, and realizing why we have all been best friends for decades!


On Saturday morning, my boyfriend lead a meditation session that may have been uncomfortable for some, but everyone was game. I was surprised at where my mind went when I tried to shut it off, thinking of lists and plans for the future, when I was able to bring it back to focus on my breath, I noticed that I didn't have the urge to fidget, readjust, or swat at the flies circling around my head. For me this was a significant moment in my meditation practice.

Afterwards, we prepared a delicious breakfast using taco leftovers and eggs to make breakfast burritos and some yummy bagels my friend has brought from the city. We headed out to the nearby Twin Lakes for a daytime lakeside hang that was clutch in the oppressive heat of the day. Then into town to stop by Otto's Market, just divine in every way, for a snack along with more ice, drinks, and last minute ingredients. Then back to the ranch to prep for our pizza party.

The "innkeepers" at the ranch helped us get the pizza oven going burning some small pieces of wood and letting it heat up to over 1000 degrees. Almost everyone had the chance to create their own delicious pizza creation and a mid-dinner torrential downpour barely even slowed us down. Another night spent dancing under the stars.

On Sunday morning, we gathered in the yoga studio, located inside the main house on the property for a much needed class to stretch out, invigorate our bodies, and perhaps a little detox from the weekend. Our instructor, Lola, was tough but fun and while many wanted to give up, we made it through to the end. With just enough energy to make it back to Otto's for a yummy breakfast and explore the area of Germantown and Tivoli.

Other "glamping" style options that I came across in my research: Collective Retreats, Terra Glamping, Tentrr, and Getaway


  • Twin Lakes
  • Leeds Swimming Hole
  • Breweries/Wineries
  • Town hopping and shopping



  • Tivoli
  • Hudson NY
  • Rhinebeck