Cabin Zen with @AirBnB

Unbeknownst to me I had an @AirBnB $100 credit that was expiring and I had 10 days to book a little getaway. I found a tiny cabin in the meadow that seemed perfect for a one night getaway from NYC. I have spent a lot of the summer exploring different areas of the Hudson Valley and Upstate NY. Between birthdays and long weekends, I have managed to get away a bunch!

I am truly falling in love with the quaint town "rural" life. I have experimented with camping, glamping, cabins, and "mansions" with friends. This has been one of my favorite AirBnB experiences of all time and worthy of a post!

Our experience was amazing in large part due to our lovely host, Cynthia, who went above and beyond to maintain this wonderful space and served us an unforgettable breakfast on her property on the morning of our departure.

The cabin was "off-the-grid" powered by solar panels, without a TV, real kitchen, or even running water. This meant a cozy night spent reading, and morning meditating, and relaxing outside. Our host had tons of great recommendations in the area which I will do my best to summarize below.


There are a bunch of lakes, parks, hikes, and more to explore in the area. One hidden gem that our host recommended was a trip to Russell Brook Falls. This remote trail is hard to get to, but that means you may not see another hiker on your whole route.

We also took a scenic drive along Beaverkill Road. Along this route, you can stop at Alder Lake, Bip Pond, Small Pond (parking fee), and take up part of the Finger Lakes Trail.

A trip into the towns of Livingston Manor and Roscoe will round out your trip.


Breakfast or Lunch at Main Street Farm. Pick up goodies for a picnic at The Livingston Manor Farmer's Market on Sunday. Baked goods at Brandenburg Bakery. Dinner at The Kaatskeller.